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With experience in several jurisdictions, REKER-LAW promises our clients reliable, timely, and cost-effective advice based on a practical knowledge of cross-border business, guiding our clients through the barriers inherent in communication between representatives of different jurisdictions.

  • Investments in Poland

    REKER-LAW provides professional legal advice and services to companies, banks, individuals and foreign law firms, with a special focus on foreign investors and business people examining investment opportunities in Poland and the wider CEE region.
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    Criminal Law

    Being accused of an offence can be a harrowing experience; especially if you are a foreigner who does not speak the Polish language.
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  • Law Firms

    We also cooperate with other law firms (and their clients doing business in the region) carrying out transactions in Poland and the CEE region.
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Guido Reker
Guido Reker

Office: Reker Law

ulica Bielska 33 lok. 11
02-394 Warszawa (Poland)

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