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As legal professionals we have been active for almost 20 years, with nearly a decade of experience in Poland, and both as a law firm and as individual lawyers we have built a respectable "track record" of cases which we have handled successfully for our clients.

Below you will find more more about our practice areas and our professional experiences!

  • Industry Know-how

    Reliable legal advice is not limited to legal know-how. Our clients can expect us to be familiar with their businesses.

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    Practice Areas

    We advise our clients in, among others, the following areas:

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  • Deal List

    For more on our professional experience, please see our "deal list". Of course, for reasons of professional confidentiality, we cannot give any details identifying our clients.

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Guido Reker
Guido Reker

Office: Reker Law

ulica Bielska 33 lok. 11
02-394 Warszawa (Poland)

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